Button photo frames (1 of 2)

Following on from my recent post on Buttons, I decided to update my tired looking bedroom photo frames.  I thought it might be nice to add some buttons around a frame.  How hard could that be? I thought to myself (naively!).

Step 1: I painted the bare pine frame with some left-over  low-odour wood paint.  This went smoothly, I left it to dry and was feeling confident…..

Step 2: Glue the buttons around the frame.  I arranged the buttons and then debated how to stick them on.  I’d read that pva glue could do the trick, but I thought I’d dig out the hot glue gun that I’d been given a couple of years ago.  The ‘hot gun masters’ amongst you will no-doubt be bent double to hear how I patiently stuck on a few buttons, sat back and then…….. watched them fall off!  What went wrong?  After having a major strop taking a break, I made attempt #2.  I left the glue to get as hot as it possibly could, then stuck them on again.  This time it worked, but crikey, what a mess I made!!  There were thread of silvery, cobweb-like strands everywhere!  I managed to brush them off, and was left with a reasonably presentable frame.

Here is my finished frame….

It’s now been on my bedroom wall for a week, with no signs of any lose buttons, fingers crossed….

Has anyone got any advise for me in the ‘hot glue gun’ stakes?  I’d love to use it more as I often see projects that call for it.  Any tips?

I’ll be posting my 2nd button frame idea later this week……


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