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Sock Cupcakes – an easy to make (teacher) gift!

This week is the last week of the school year.  Last week I was trying to find a suitable gift that was a little different and easy to make!  I stumbled across a picture of a Sock cupcakes – perfect!

I used the finished result as a Teacher gift, but they’re a great small gift for everyone!

I quickly ordered supplies and got stuck in!

You will need:-

1 x pair of Ladies Bedsocks

A sheet of card

Some fancy paper/gift wrap/wallpaper

A lollipop (for the ‘cherry’)

A cellophane bag

Ribbon to tie around bag

Tape (I used Invisible and Double-sided)

A cardboard coffee cup holder (recycled from my coffee bought from a well known chain!) – optional

Some scallop edged scissors (or similar) – optional

Food bag tie (the sort you get in a box of food bags)


1) Cut out your card to make the ‘cupcake’ holder (you can use a recycled coffee cup holder, or there are templates available on line)

Optional – cut a fancy edge along the top

2) Tape the cupcake holder (I used double sided on the front join and invisible tape on the inside for extra security)

3) Roll the pair of socks to create your ‘cupcake’ – this took me a few attempts to get it looking right!

4) Press socks into holder.  Add the lollipop

5) Place in cellophane bag.  Tie fastened with a food bag wire (optional but makes it more secure)

6) Make a co-ordinating label (printed text optional!) and tie around bag with the length of ribbon



What do you think?  Do you think the teacher’s will like them?  Is it a better option than chocolates? (can anything beat chocolate???!!!) x


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